"Works created by the hand of an artist breathe life into a space like nothing else ."


The importance of living with art and surrounding myself with works and objects that inspire and delight me is at the heart of my artistic process. Commissioned works form the core of my portfolio and there is nothing I enjoy more than the creative energy sparked by my collaboration with collectors and designers. Helping clients to define their sense of style and create an opportunity to express themselves is very rewarding.

I am drawn to the simple elegance and abundant detail found in the natural world. While nature-inspired pieces are central to my body of work, everyday is a creative encounter that leads me in a new direction. Ideas, images and inspiration come to me in many forms and I continually strive to take my work down unique paths with each new piece.

I interpret my observations and inspiration through watercolor, monotype and copper intaglio etching. My work seeks to master the techniques of each, while also exploring new ways to fuse the meduims.

I also continue to explore different vehicles for presenting my work, such as painting and printing on hand-made papers, reproducing my work as limited edition Plate Collages and Aluminum Wall Panels.